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If you need a quick cash that doesn't require complicated documents, the best option would be to apply for a short-term loan. Short-term loans are foreseeable. It means you can weigh and review your finances more accurately rather than a long-term loan. Additionally, it can also help you boost your credit score fast. Since it would only take less time to pay it back, you can gradually improve your score faster.


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Going through traditional practices of borrowing funds can be a real hassle. Not only that you have to drive all the way to the bank, but you also have to beat the traffic and wait long hours just to get an approval. Well, those days are over. We have a better way to get cash assistance that is simple, fast, and convenient. Get the funds you need fast without going through these hassles. Apply online and borrow cash in just minutes.

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You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get started. Simply complete a form online. In just minutes, you will get the results of your application. The application process goes online. You can do it anywhere, anytime, no boundaries.

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Need the funds soon? No worries. Once you’re approved, the funds are automatically deposited to your checking account on the same day. No need to wait for days. The entire process can be completed within minutes to an hour.

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Afraid to apply because of your credit? Don’t be. Our lenders don’t do credit checks. Regardless of your credit standing, you are automatically eligible to take advantage of our services. As long as you can pay the loan, you’re good to go.

Getting a 20000 guaranteed loan nowadays is easier and more convenient especially when you apply online. You can simply fill out a 5-minute loan application, wait for verification, and once approved, you can have your money delivered straight to your bank account. However, there are still necessary documents that you need to submit to increase your chance of getting approved, such as:

  • Bank Statement

  • Proof Of Income

  • Proof Of Residency And/Or Citizenship

  • Proof Of Identification

  • Proof That You’re Receiving Benefits, Pension, Etc. (For Unemployed)

These are just some of the basic prerequisites that most lenders will require you to submit. On top of this, you also need to meet their criteria, such as:

  • Age

Age is a crucial factor when applying for a loan as this determines your maturity in handling your debts and finances. Normally, they will require you to be between 21 years old up to 60 years of age.

  • Employment

Your capability to settle the loan is very important, therefore, most lenders will require to be a regular employee, working on the same company for at least 6 months. However, if you’re after a bigger amount, like 20000, you should be employed for 2 years or more.

  • Credit Remark

Having a good credit increases your chance to acquire the loan and not only that, you may be offered with a bigger loan amount, smaller interest rate, and a more flexible repayment term. Meanwhile, if you have a bad credit rating, your chance of getting a loan, especially 20000, is very slim, and in case you’re approved, the interest rate charged to your debt is more expensive.

  • Financial Status

Lenders will not only rely on your current documents; rather, they will also check your past financial statements. This will help them decide whether they should grant you a loan or not.  Like having a good credit score, if you have good financial records, your chance of getting a loan is higher.

Direct Loans Repayment

When borrowing a 20000 guaranteed loan, there are many things to consider such as its affordability. After all, you will not only give the principal amount back, you also have to repay the interest rate and other charges. If you’re not certain how much you’ll need to pay, using a loan calculator can help.

Most lending websites have their own loan calculator to help you get quick answers about your loan repayment, and if you found one, do not hesitate to take advantage of it. Not only will you have an estimated amount of what you need to pay every month, but you can also compare different scenarios. For instance, how much would it cost if you decided to repay the loan in 12 months? Are you going to get a lower interest if you decided to settle it within 5 months?

Different Calculations For Different Loans

Not all loans are created equal so you need to know the type of loan you want to borrow to find the right loan calculator. For instance, if you’re only paying for the simple interest, you can use a basic loan calculator but, if your loan comes with compound interest, you need another formula and a different calculator.

A simple interest comes with a fixed monthly repayment until the end of the loan. For example, say your car loan costs £20,000 and the interest rate per year is 6%. The simple interest of the loan is £3,6000 and the overall loan amount you will pay is £23,600

With compound interest, the amount you will settle per month will change in the future, and the formula looks like this:

Compound Interest = Principal Amount x Future Interest - Principal Amount At Present.

It’s more complicated than a simple interest and to ensure that you’ll have the closest estimate of what you need to settle, you can either use a loan calculator or ask the lender for assistance.