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Why Short Term Loans?

If you need a quick cash that doesn’t require complicated documents, the best option would be to apply for a short-term loan. Short-term loans are foreseeable. It means you can weigh and review your finances more accurately rather than a long-term loan. Additionally, it can also help you boost your credit score fast. Since it would only take less time to pay it back, you can gradually improve your score faster.


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Going through traditional practices of borrowing funds can be a real hassle. Not only that you have to drive all the way to the bank, but you also have to beat the traffic and wait long hours just to get an approval.

Well, those days are over. We have a better way to get cash assistance that is simple, fast, and convenient. Get the funds you need fast without going through these hassles. Apply online and borrow cash in just minutes.

How It Works?

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You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get started. Simply complete a form online. In just minutes, you will get the results of your application. The application process goes online. You can do it anywhere, anytime, no boundaries.

Quick Payment Process

Need the funds soon? No worries. Once you’re approved, the funds are automatically deposited to your checking account on the same day. No need to wait for days. The entire process can be completed within minutes to an hour.

No Credit Check

Afraid to apply because of your credit? Don’t be. Our lenders don’t do credit checks. Regardless of your credit standing, you are automatically eligible to take advantage of our services. As long as you can pay the loan, you’re good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Inquiries

What is a Payday Loan?

A payday loan is one of the most effective emergency cash funds that you can use. This type of loan is extremely helpful in case of an unexpected financial emergency. It can be payable on your next paycheck. You get to borrow a small amount of cash that you can pay easily. It doesn’t require complicated documents and requirements to move forward. Funds can be granted to you on the same day of application.

What is a Logbook Loan?

Logbook loans are loans that require a collateral; preferably a vehicle. It allows you to borrow funds by pledging your vehicle as a security deposit. Borrowers may still use their vehicle. However, if they fail to meet the terms of the loan or defaults, the lender may take or sell the vehicle as a payment.

Do I need to have high credit score?

Applying for an unsecured loan doesn’t require a credit check. It doesn’t require the borrower to have high credit. However, your credit can be a supporting factor in applying for a loan. Lenders may increase interest rates based on your credit line.

Is there any complicated documents needed?

Applying for a payday loan or any unsecured loan requires no credit check. So you don’t have to provide any complicated documents to qualify. All you need to provide is proof of income or an employment verification.

What is an Unsecured Loan?

An unsecured loan is a type of loan that requires no collateral. This type of loan can be acquired faster than secured loans. It also doesn’t require a credit check. You may request small amounts of cash. In some cases, unsecured loans may include high-interest rates, unlike secured ones. Although the lenders may not need to perform any credit check, the borrower’s creditworthiness is also being considered. Some examples of unsecured loans are payday loans, personal loans, short-term loans, credit cards, and more.

How Do I Apply?

To get started, you need to fill up an online form. Click the “Apply Now” button and complete all entries for the application. It would only take at least two minutes to have it completed. Once done, the lender will review your application online. You will receive an update shortly after the application. If you’re approved, the funds are automatically sent to your checking account.

Do I Need A Guarantor?

In most cases, lenders would require a guarantor if the borrower’s credit is poor. However, if your credit is good, a guarantor is unnecessary. If you have a bad credit and you want to apply for an unsecured loan, you can always choose for a guarantor loan. It requires no collateral and provides low-interest rates.

Loan Products

We have plenty of options to provide. Whether you’re looking for a quick cash or a short-term loan, we have everything neatly prepared for you. If you don’t know which loan to choose, you can talk to our lenders and see which deal is best for you. You also need to consider your funds and your monthly rates. Click “Apply Now” and check out our available options.

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